Shine On Drama

We help kids achieve success for a lifetime. 

Shine On Drama helps kids build self-confidence and enhance creative thinking necessary to achieve personal, academic and professional success. Great building blocks for great personality. 

No Auditions, No Pressure

Everyone can participate. 


After School Program

We are proud to bring our parent certified drama classes to FUSD Elementary Schools. Classes are held from 3:00 - 4:00 pm. For more details checkout our schedule.

Students learn various aspects of drama and theater.

  • Performing on the stage
  • Understanding emotions
  • Best positioning on stage
  • Exploring character types
  • Expressing themselves
  • Writing scripts
  • Building confidence and leadership skills

"My son took this class at his school. He really enjoyed the class and thought the assignments and teachers were great. I loved that he learned some real skills (character development, play writing) while having fun. He especially loved being able to develop characters using a variety of props."  

 K. W. E. - Fremont, CA

Our program focuses on

Talent, Self-Confidence, Leadership, Creative Art & Thinking, Self-Expression, Creative Movement, Teamwork, Sense of freedom, Speech, Creative Writing, Self-Discovery, Achievements

Enroll your kids today in our fun-filled classes with laughter and smiles.

Let the kids shine.