Shine On Drama
Bridging the gap

Kids will connect and form a bond with others on a more personal level than ever before. They will become more active in their lifestyles, enriching their social life. 



Kids will discover their own talents and passion by expressing their thoughts, opinions, personal experiences and natural explorations. Self-discovery is a key to unlock their potentials. 


Academic excellence

Kids will be able to release all the stress from their mind and body by expressing themselves regularly. As a result, kids will become more relaxed and have healthy focus which will aid in academic excellence. 



Kids will learn to be proactive and in-charge of their actions. Boost of self-confidence will give them the ability to assess and initiate things independently. 


“I joined both of my kids for the drama class last year. I was very skeptical about the class initially because both of my kids never recited on the stage. The instructor was very flexible with the practice sessions. She ensured that all the kids are confident about their role.”

M. S. - Fremont, CA 

“Both of my boys are enrolled in this program since last year. They love it! 

I noticed that they are more confident and attentive now. Can't wait for the next session.”

U. K. - Fremont, CA